HiddenLayer, a Security Provider for AI Models and Assets, Raises $50M Series A

HiddenLayer, the leading security provider for artificial intelligence (AI) models and assets, has successfully raised $50 million in Series A funding. The company plans to utilize the funding to expand its talent pool, enhance go-to-market strategies, and further invest in its Machine Learning Security (MLSec) Platform.

This funding round sets a new record for Series A funding in the cybersecurity industry, specifically focused on AI protection. The round was led by M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, and Moore Strategic Ventures, with involvement from Booz Allen Ventures, IBM Ventures, Capital One Ventures, and Ten Eleven Ventures.

HiddenLayer has experienced significant growth and established itself as a market leader since emerging from stealth in July 2022. The company has also secured major partnerships with industry giants Intel and Databricks. Furthermore, it has been recognized for its innovation, winning the Most Innovative Startup at RSAC and the Most Promising Early-Stage Startup by SC Media.

Over the past year, HiddenLayer has almost quadrupled its workforce and plans to add an additional 40 experts by the end of the year. The company’s client base includes Fortune 100 companies from various sectors, such as finance, government and defense, and cybersecurity.

According to research conducted by Forrester on behalf of HiddenLayer, 96% of organizations consider machine learning (ML) crucial or important for their business operations. However, the majority of respondents still rely on manual processes to address threats to their ML models. As a result, 80% of respondents express a desire to invest in a solution that manages ML model integrity and security within the next 12 months.

HiddenLayer’s MLSec Platform offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to safeguard AI and protect ML models against adversarial attacks, vulnerabilities, and malicious code injections. Each product within the platform is equipped with unique features and capabilities for detection and response, resulting in a multi-faceted defensive approach.

One of the flagship products offered by HiddenLayer is the Machine Learning Detection and Response (MLDR). It provides a noninvasive, software-based solution for monitoring the inputs and outputs of AI algorithms. MLDR ensures real-time defense for vulnerable assets and offers flexible response options, including alerts, isolation, profiling, and deception techniques.

Travis Bales, Managing Director at Booz Allen Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm for HiddenLayer’s accomplishments and the importance of their technology in safeguarding AI systems.

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