Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited opens new office in London

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has opened a new office in London, strengthening its international influence and expanding its presence in the UK. The office, located in The City of London, will serve as a bridge between European clients and Asia’s capital markets. The inauguration was marked by a celebratory reception attended by HKEX Chief Executive Officer, Nicolas Aguzin, and other senior executives, as well as representatives from the UK’s financial and business sectors.

Aguzin emphasized the value of global connectivity and struck the HKEX gong to symbolize the dedication to its worldwide clientele. The London office aims to offer localized support to European clients, allowing them to access Hong Kong’s range of products and take advantage of opportunities in Asia’s dominant megatrends.

Commenting on the development, Aguzin said that the London office is a testament to HKEX’s commitment to its global clientele. With offices now in three primary time zones, the company is strategically positioned to unite capital with opportunities and reinforce Hong Kong’s reputation as a global superconnector.

Aguzin also highlighted the strong connection HKEX already has with London’s finance community through its subsidiary, the London Metal Exchange. The new office will further enhance this rapport and enable collaboration with European investors, firms, and risk managers.

The primary role of the London office will be to showcase HKEX’s allure in international equities, its link with China’s capital markets, and its derivatives products. European clients will gain insights into Hong Kong’s capital market innovations and opportunities.

Kevin Rideout, HKEX Co-Head of Sales and Marketing, explained that London’s financial significance and status as a hotspot for hedge funds, fintech firms, and private equity make it an ideal location for the company’s expansion. The presence in London will allow HKEX to closely collaborate with European associates and cater to their needs while enabling them to tap into Asia’s growth potential.

With the addition of the London office, HKEX now has a more extensive global presence, complementing its existing bases in Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore.

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