Hong Kong: Tykhe Capital Initiates the First Real Estate Security Token Offering (STO) in HK with PRINCE Token

Tykhe Capital Group Limited has introduced the PRINCE Token, Hong Kong’s first real estate fund security token offering (STO) available to professional investors. This is the inaugural STO authorized under the regulations of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Leveraging Tykhe’s virtual asset licenses, Web 3.0 technology capabilities, and an efficient execution team, the STO ushers in a new era where digital finance revolutionizes investment landscapes. The funds raised from the PRINCE Token will be used to acquire a five-unit retail property in Prince Edward, a prime tourism area in Kowloon.

The PRINCE Tokens are digital securities within a closed-ended fund and are managed by Pioneer Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of Tykhe. Unlike traditional private real estate funds that require a minimum investment of US$1 million, the PRINCE Token only requires a subscription of HK$1,000, making it more accessible to investors. Investors in PRINCE Tokens will benefit from rental incomes and the appreciation of the property value.

To ensure the security of their PRINCE Tokens, investors will receive a digital wallet from ON1ON Custody, another subsidiary of Tykhe. These tokens are also covered by virtual asset insurance provided by a reputable Hong Kong insurer. The PRINCE Tokens offer settlements on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for instantaneous secondary market OTC trading. Subject to approvals, the tokens may also be listed on HKbitEX, enhancing their liquidity potential.

The PRINCE Token framework provides property investors and developers with innovative financing options, serving as a hedge against high bank interest rates. By bypassing traditional finance channels, the token model offers lower capital costs and increased flexibility.

Chairman of Tykhe Capital Group Limited, Dr. Gao Han, expressed his excitement about the launch of the STO, stating that it transforms real estate capital raising and expands investment horizons through their regulated Web 3.0 infrastructure. He highlighted the promising outlook for Hong Kong’s retail property market, attributing it to positive regulatory developments and an increase in inbound tourists following the reopening of the Hong Kong-China border. Dr. Han also expressed optimism about supporting various sectors linked to Hong Kong and Greater China’s economy, thereby enhancing the digital financial landscape.

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