Identity Verification Provider AU10TIX Selected by Guesty, a Property Management Platform

Global technology firm AU10TIX has partnered with property management platform Guesty to offer fully automated identity verification (IDV) solutions. The move aims to meet global regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of fraud. Guesty is responsible for meeting the hospitality industry’s Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations, and the IDV solution from AU10TIX will enhance the user experience and ensure compliance. Guesty will be able to automate its identity verification processes, eliminating manual procedures and seamlessly integrating with Salesforce. AU10TIX has extensive expertise in identity verification, with a legacy in airport security and border control. The company aims to provide secure and inclusive solutions to verify and link physical and digital identities. AU10TIX’s technology provides results in less than eight seconds, promoting trust, safety, and preventing fraud.

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