Invesdor Reports Successful Funding of Green Wind Offering and Ongoing Merger with Oneplanetcrowd

Invesdor, a securities crowdfunding platform, is celebrating the success of a recent funding round for the Oude Maas wind farm project. The funding round, which was listed on the Oneplanetcrowd platform, attracted strong participation from both Oneplanetcrowd and Invesdor investors.

Oneplanetcrowd, an impact funding platform focused on green securities offerings, was acquired by Invesdor in late 2022. Invesdor offers both equity and debt offerings for smaller firms.

According to Invesdor, the Oude Maas wind farm generated nearly half of its €1.8 million debt offering from investors in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (known as DACH investors), with the other half coming from the Netherlands.

Invesdor CEO Christopher Grätz commented on the success of the offering, stating, “On the one hand, we offer European investors the opportunity to invest across borders with the help of our ECSP license, and on the other hand, thanks to our recent merger, we give them the opportunity to invest in Oneplanetcrowd’s sustainable energy projects. In the case of Oude Maas, both of these benefits come together, and German investors are able to take advantage of the ideal conditions for wind power in the Netherlands.”

The security issued for the Oude Maas wind farm project is a bond with a term of 7.17 years and an interest rate of 5.0%.

Grätz emphasized the significance of local production of green electricity for a Dutch community striving to achieve energy independence from fossil fuels and stated that crowdfunding should support this path.

The average investment in the Oude Maas project was €6,300, despite the minimum investment amount being only €250. This high level of commitment demonstrates the strong conviction that investors have for the project and renewable energy as a whole, according to Grätz.

Invesdor also announced plans to soon list another project in the same region. This project is for Land Life, a company dedicated to the reforestation of two billion hectares of degraded land worldwide.

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