Konfir Enhances UK Pre-Employment Screening Process with Access to Employment Data via Experian’s Work Report

Experian, a leading global information services company, has recently entered into a partnership with Konfir, a pre-employment screening provider. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the pre-employment checking process for both job candidates and employers.

By integrating Experian’s income and employment verification solution, Work ReportTM, into its existing offering, Konfir becomes the first provider in the UK and Ireland to offer employers direct access to secure employment history information from HR and payroll systems as part of their pre-employment checks. This development is expected to significantly streamline the hiring process by providing employers with immediate access to comprehensive and accurate employment data.

Since its launch in 2022, Konfir has gained widespread adoption in the background screening industry. The addition of Experian’s Work ReportTM will further automate the screening process, reducing the time and resources traditionally required for manual checks. This automation will benefit both employers and job seekers alike.

As of now, Work ReportTM covers 80% of UK employees, granting Konfir access to employment information for millions of PAYE employees. This extensive coverage will simplify the process for candidates to provide evidence of their employment history. Instead of needing to know the details of their payroll provider or how to access it, candidates can simply provide consent for the data to be accessed, making the process easier and more seamless.

Paul Speirs, Managing Director of Consumer Information Services at Experian, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it will significantly enhance the pre-employment checking process, making it quicker and more efficient. By incorporating Experian’s Work ReportTM into Konfir’s platform, the partnership aims to remove barriers that have traditionally delayed job seekers from starting their new employment.

Chris Milligan, CEO of Konfir, underscored the importance of this partnership in simplifying the verification of employment history, noting that it is often a slow and challenging process. By providing candidates with direct access to their employment data through Experian’s Work ReportTM, this collaboration will transform the pre-employment and recruitment industry. Milligan expects this development to have a significant impact for clients, employers, and candidates, particularly at a time when many workers in the UK are expressing job dissatisfaction and looking to change roles.

Konfir’s utilization of Experian’s Work ReportTM comes at a time when there is a so-called “great re-evaluation” period, with many UK workers considering job changes. As this trend continues throughout 2023, employers will seek more efficient ways to manage employee referencing, and Experian’s solution is likely to be an appealing option.

Overall, the partnership between Experian and Konfir represents a significant advancement in the pre-employment checking process, providing employers with seamless access to employment history information and simplifying the verification process for job candidates. This collaboration is poised to have a transformative impact on the industry, improving efficiency and streamlining the hiring process for all stakeholders involved.

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