Latin America: Chilean Consumers Verify World ID as Worldcoin Project Continues Global Expansion.

Worldcoin, the privacy-preserving digital identity protocol, has reportedly seen over 200,000 consumers in Chile verify their World ID. This accounts for over 1% of the country’s population of approximately 19.5 million residents. To meet the growing demand, project contributors at Tools for Humanity (TFH) have expanded their operations to Vina del Mar and Concepcion, in addition to Santiago.

The achievement in Chile reflects the increased global engagement of the Worldcoin teams and companies, as well as the continuous growth of the project in South America. During a recent fireside conversation, Worldcoin project co-founder and CEO of Tools for Humanity, Alex Blania, spoke about the positive response of Chile and the region to innovative projects like Worldcoin. Blania attributed this to the country’s technological advancements combined with a crypto-forward mindset, making it fertile ground for innovation in the space.

Worldcoin, co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has garnered attention from governments worldwide. The initiative allows consumers to obtain an all-digital ID and “free” virtual currency by scanning their irises using Worldcoin’s “orb” devices. This digital identity is expected to enable users to verify their human identity online, a feature that could be beneficial in an AI-driven future.

While Worldcoin’s technologies are seen as innovative, it has faced criticism from privacy advocates regarding its data collection process. However, the project’s developers have assured that they delete or encrypt biometric data and are committed to working with regulatory authorities.

With the growing number of verified World IDs in Chile and global interest in the project, Worldcoin continues to make strides in providing a privacy-preserving digital identity solution.

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