LendingRobot Relaunches Investment Marketplace, Now Offering More than P2P Loans

LendingRobot, a platform initially developed as a resource for peer-to-peer loan investors, is making a comeback in the online investment space. This move comes after the company, previously controlled by Fintech Nexus, was acquired by Lime Financial in 2022.

With its relaunch, LendingRobot aims to offer investors a more diversified range of alternative investment options. Apart from peer-to-peer loans, the platform will now feature opportunities in real estate, collectibles such as wine and jewelry, as well as equity and debt in private firms. Additionally, the company will provide an Individual Investment Portfolio (IIP) which includes a structured bond and options product. Furthermore, LendingRobot plans to introduce an arbitrage offering with a minimum investment of $100,000.

While some investment opportunities may require a higher minimum investment, others like peer-to-peer loans only ask for $3,000, and the minimum investment for a Prosper account is as low as $100.

One of LendingRobot’s standout features is its “multi-asset alt robot,” currently in an extended beta phase, which automatically invests in loans across different online marketplaces, including real estate, peer-to-peer lending, and whisky/wine. This alt robot offers three strategies, each targeting different levels of risk and return. The “Conservative” strategy aims for an 8% return, “Balanced” for 9%, and “Assertive” for 10%. The Multi Asset Robot can be started with just $3,000.

At present, LendingRobot is working with Prosper, Groundfloor, and Vint, with plans to add more options in the future.

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