Maxwell Rich Departs Republic, Joins Global Law Firm Morrison Foerster

Maxwell Rich, a prominent figure in the investment crowdfunding industry, has made a major career move. After serving as a legal executive at Republic for seven years, Rich has now joined the renowned global law firm Morrison Foerster (MoFo).

Rich’s departure from Republic marks the end of an era, as he has been an integral part of the investment crowdfunding platform for a significant amount of time. However, his new position at MoFo presents exciting new opportunities for him to utilize his legal expertise on a broader scale.

In addition to his role at Republic, Rich has held the position of President and Chair of the Association of Online Investment Platforms (AOIP). As he transitions to his new job, Vice President Bill Clark, CEO of MicroVentures, will take over this important role within the organization. Despite stepping down as President and Chair, Rich will remain involved with AOIP as an advisor, continuing to push for regulatory and legislative improvements in the investment crowdfunding industry.

Rich shared the news of his career move in a blog post, expressing his confidence in MoFo and its capabilities. He highlighted his previous experience as a client of the firm, which gives him a unique perspective and empathy that will benefit his new role as a partner to the firm’s clients.

At MoFo, Rich will be a part of the firm’s Emerging Companies + Venture Capital Group, utilizing his extensive legal knowledge and experience. He will be involved in supporting firms from the early stages of inception to their journey towards becoming a public firm. His responsibilities will encompass a wide range of legal areas, including regulatory issues, transactions, financings, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Rich also has in-depth expertise in the fintech sector, particularly in areas such as blockchain and digital assets.

During his time leading the AOIP, Rich played a crucial role in advocating for the securities crowdfunding industry. He frequently drafted comment letters to members of Congress and financial regulators, showing support for the industry and seeking to address any concerns. Additionally, he actively engaged with public officials on Capitol Hill, directly discussing important issues related to investment crowdfunding platforms. Through these efforts, Rich aimed to create a thriving industry that benefits all stakeholders, including issuers and investors.

Rich’s move to Morrison Foerster marks an exciting new chapter in his career, and his expertise and dedication will undoubtedly continue to contribute to the advancement and success of the investment crowdfunding industry.

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