Mesh Raises $22m to Boost Financial Operating System

Mesh, the financial operating system dedicated to seamless digital asset transfers and account aggregation, has successfully raised $22 million in a Series A funding round. The investment round was anchored by Money Forward Inc, with participation from new investors including Galaxy and Samsung Next, as well as existing investors such as Streamlined Ventures, Hike VC, and Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi. With this funding, Mesh’s total funding has now surpassed $32 million.

Originally known as Front Finance before rebranding, Mesh aims to create an open, secure, and interconnected financial environment where users have full control over their assets. The company plans to use the fresh funding to accelerate the adoption of its solutions, expand its foundational operations, and promote its offerings to both businesses and consumers globally.

Mesh has transformed from a consumer-focused platform to a corporate-centered financial platform, effectively bridging the gap between digital and traditional financial assets. Its innovative approach allows financial entities and fintech firms to access users’ financial accounts to perform essential functions, providing users with a seamless experience.

Bam Azizi, Co-founder and CEO of Mesh, highlighted the growing demand for transparent asset control among consumers. He emphasized that embedded finance is projected to tap into a $7 trillion market and that Mesh, with its secure digital transactions, is at the forefront of this transformation, promising an improved user experience and increased customer loyalty.

Sandy Kimura of Money Forward praised Mesh’s advanced position in the open finance evolution and expressed enthusiasm about their strengthened partnership. Within one year of pivoting to a business-centric platform, Mesh has formed collaborations with over 70 finance and digital asset firms. With its integration across more than 300 platforms, Mesh is rapidly becoming a leader in open finance and digital asset solutions.

Mike Giampapa, General Partner of Galaxy’s Venture team, emphasized Mesh’s central role in the modern financial framework, highlighting its extensive cross-asset and service connectivity. With the announcement of the Series A funding, Mesh welcomes Sandy Kimura and Anil Arora, the former CEO of Yodlee, to its Board of Directors. Anil Arora praised Mesh’s transformative approach and expressed excitement for the company’s future endeavors.

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