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Mindesign is a brand born in 2016 in Italy. Its goal is to create technological, innovative products that respect the environment and nature. Every single creation was designed and engineered, using the most modern technologies, by its two young and enterprising creators, Damiano Iannini and Ferdinando Petrella. The aim is to offer the national and international market innovative products, which look to the future, while maintaining the excellent taste of design.

Creativity, Innovation and Design

These are the qualities that set the brand apart from anything you might find in the market. To which must be added the great quality of the final product and entrepreneurial courage.

The particularity and taste are purely intrinsic in the art of Italian design and construction. The courage must be fully acknowledged to the two founders who, thanks to their resourcefulness, managed to create a solid reality, making use of an exceptional crowdfunding campaign.

Mindesign’s goals

What most characterizes us and distinguishes us from many other brands is the very close relationship we have undertaken with our customers. Mindesign was born from the support and trust of the people who believed in the project through crowdfunding. So we will always be grateful to every single customer who wants to buy our inventions.

Another objective, already mentioned, is the total absence of compromises regarding the creation of the product. Mindesign does not focus on quantity, like many brands already on the market. Quality, achieved with the best available technologies, is an essential factor for us. We can call it one of our trademarks.

Our greatest reward is to see our products, our creations created with love and passion, in your homes, in shops around the world, in hotels, in offices, wherever there has been appreciation for our ideas and our projects.

And we are certainly sure that anyone who wants to know us better, anyone who wants to try our creations will not be absolutely disappointed.

We are sure that you will appreciate the passion and commitment we put into our products. Your satisfaction is a primary objective for us, which also comes before the economic side.

Patents and inventions

Ideas and creations are always in continuous development. But our brand already boasts numerous worldwide patents such as “iUVì – smart bottle”, Geizeer or Levia and many others.


iUVì at first glance, it would seem a bottle like many others. In reality it can turn into a flashlight if you need light, into a power bank if your electronic devices are accidentally discharged or, again, into a UVC sterilizer if you need to purify your water from germs and bacteria.


Geizeer is a very special mini wooden fan. It works with an ice pack (popsicle) which is first frozen then inserted into the appliance. The air is made to slide over this icicle, leaving it fresh and dry. The mini-fan can be efficient only after 10 minutes of use.

But that’s not all, by inserting perfumers designed by us in rice paper, it also becomes an ambient perfume. All totally Eco Friendly. The mini fan is equipped with a rechargeable battery that consumes only 2 euro cents of electricity in 24 hours of use. It is equipped with a safety system that immediately stops the device in the event of an accidental impact. This makes it extremely safe around children and animals. In addition, since 2016, a tree has been planted for every Geizeer sold, all certified by a certificate.


Levia is a splendid magnetic levitation lamp. The bulb floats in the air thanks to magnetism. In the event of an impact or power failure, the bulb automatically hooks onto the structure without falling. It is possible to turn the bulb on or off thanks to a sensitive key. Consumption is negligible and the LED filament is set in the best light spectrum to relax the mind and eyes.

Levia is a light point of great design and furniture with a power of 1 W. It is possible to have different versions, for all tastes, with a marble base worked by Italian artisans, or entirely plated with precious metals.

These are just some of our projects and achievements. Embrace our world of creativity, innovation and design.

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