Modulus Begins Recruitment Drive to Support Expansion Efforts Amidst Anticipated Rise of Crypto, Blockchain Sector

Modulus, a US-based technology developer, is embarking on a global expansion effort to support the growing digital asset sector. Modulus provides its technology to Wall Street, international banks, digital asset exchanges, and regulatory commissions worldwide.

The decision to expand comes as the digital asset space experiences significant changes and advancements. Richard Gardner, CEO of Modulus, stated that there is a sense of impending transformation in the industry, with a financial revolution on the horizon. Gardner believes that Modulus is well-positioned to lead this revolution, alongside companies like Twitter, Coinbase, Grayscale, and others.

Gardner highlighted recent events in the industry that have paved the way for this expansion. In response to these developments, Modulus plans to open global command centers in key financial hubs such as Switzerland, Dubai, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK. These centers will serve as the strongholds from which Modulus will drive industry-wide change over the next decade.

To support its expansion efforts, Modulus aims to hire over 100 sales representatives and 200 technologists from around the world. With its extensive portfolio of fintech products, including digital asset exchanges, equities and forex trading platforms, crowdfunding and fund management systems, neo banking, and AI solutions, Modulus offers a diverse range of services.

Modulus boasts an impressive client list that includes industry giants like Microsoft, Dell, NASA, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Nasdaq, as well as digital asset leaders such as FTX and Celsius.

As the digital asset sector continues to grow, Modulus is positioning itself as a key player in the industry, ready to bring about significant transformations through its expansion and innovative technology offerings.

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