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MoEa launches sustainable bio-sneakers made from fruits and plan

Each pair is fully sustainable, PETA-approved, fully vegan, fully recyclable 

MoEa is today announcing the launch of its bio-based, sustainable sneakers made from fruits and plants. Launching on Kickstarter and available from 28th June, MoEa sneakers are animal-free, low-carbon and vegan-approved, offering stylish footwear with sustainability at its core.

Available initially from €89 ($109), each pair of sneakers are made from one of five different fruits and plants, featuring an urban and modern design. The fruits and plants are turned into wearable materials and act as a comfortable, stylish, and sustainable substitute to leather and plastic.

MoEa’s first batch launching will allow customers to choose from: apple, pineapple, cactus, corn and grape. Wearers can choose from two different colour options per fruit and plant: a striking solid colour that corresponds to their choice of fruit and plant, or a classic, solid white with coloured accents.

  • From the waste juice industry in Italy, the Apple and Grape fibers. Flexible and colorful. 
  • From waste pineapple leaves, the Pineapple fiber. Original and exotic. 
  • From Cactus and Corn skins, the Cactus and Corn fibers. Robust and soft. 

When choosing your culour, you choose your plant! 

Why bio-based materials and How are they made? 

Waste of fruits and plants are recycled and coloured to give birth to wearable fibers. To stabilize the biomass waste, fruits and plants are blended with organic cotton, or bio-PU or recycled plastic depending on each plant. On average, MoEa’s bio-materials are composed of 49% of plants or fruit. The result: leather-like, breathable and comfortable materials that are 89% less carbon emissive than leather without wasting any animal life according to MoEa Life Cycle Assessment. 

Care has also been taken to ensure each pair offers longevity, with soles that are sewn to prevent them from wearing down, and the recycled materials have been developed and tested to ensure they provide the same level of comfort and durability as leather.  Taking a more circular approach, MoEa are also offering owners the chance to send back their old pair to be recycled into up to 40% of a new sole when they’re worn out.

In respect of all European labor standards, MoEa’s sneakers are handcrafted in Porto, Portugal and they only work with certified suppliers, meaning the materials that make up each pair are certified USDA bio-preferred, or comply with Global Recycled Standards. MoEa itself is audited and approved vegan by PETA. All other materials follow strict sustainable guidelines: the lining is made from 70% recycled bamboo; the soles are made of 40% recycled rubber, and the insoles of recycled wood fibres. 

Achille Gazagnes, founder and CEO of MoEa who is committed to providing people with sustainable and stylish sneaker solutions comments:

“We all love sneakers. They’re comfortable to wear and usable for a variety of different occasions. Unfortunately, they are also contributing negatively to the planet. Standard sneakers are made with leather or plastic, materials of which are both highly polluting and cruel to animals. Our goal is to use petrochemical-free leather alternatives.” 

“That’s why we’ve launched MoEa – to create sneakers that offer the same level of style and comfort you’d expect to see in your favourite leather pair, whilst ensuring that the planet isn’t some sort of a meaningless afterthought and that animals aren’t treated with cruelty”

MoEa is part of the WWF French Entrepreneurial Club recognizing its social and environmental commitment. MoEa is also part of the 1% for the Planet organisation, meaning 1% of their annual gross sales are donated to WWF and their Forest Protection program.  

MoEa is available to pre-order on Kickstarter from €79 via this link: 

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