Nomad(e) Jacket by Graphene

no·mad(e) /ˈnōˌmadˌē/ A forward-driven graphene er who does not settle nor accepts status-quo; a wanderer. A nomad(e) is that kind of person you want by your side when things get hairy.

The Nomad(e) jacket is a high tech performance hybrid that combines the elements of an emergency jacket, an E.D.C. (everyday carry) gear and a windbreaker. Thanks to its proprietary Graphene caged membrane, it can save your life in extreme conditions and will empower your everyday like no other jacket on the market.

Built with extreme workmanship the Nomad(e) weighs less than the average phone but acts as a heavy – duty waterproof and breathable jacket.

This jacket changes the concept of portable performance gear to a whole new level.

The Nomad(e) jacket it’s a first-on-its-class piece of gear, bringing a group of benefits that no other comparable product has in the market.

  • Graphene empowered “caged” membrane that brings increased levels of warmth and durability at no expense of weight and portability.
  • Fully waterproof and breathable. 10k and 8k respectively.
  • Incredibly light: Weighs less than the average phone.
  • Packable and portable: It self-packs in its back pocket to a minimal carry bag that you canhang on your shoulder and store your other EDC along.
  • Sandwiched 2-layer high-tech stretchable ripstop construction.
  • Augmented visibility thanks to its reflective pattern.
  • Multi occasion performance & design. From hardcore expeditions to your daily life.How? Through Fabrics tech:The only way to incorporate the elements of these three worlds into one single product was through state – of-the-art technology, fabrics technology. Normally we associate technology with smartwatches, virtual worlds and electric cars, but the technology we developed for the fabric that skins theNomad(e) jacket is very much in the level of what our favorite real life Ironman is developing.

    The key element of this fabric its the proprietary membrane we developed. The membrane is what makes a jacket waterproof and allows it to breathe and wick moisture from your body.

    What we did here is that we empowered our membrane with a Graphene printed grid that look sto wards your skin and acts like a cage to your upper body (where your key organs are). This “cage”,practically does not add any weight to the jacket but thanks to the nature of Graphene it helps to retain heat dramatically. Also, it helps to empower the strength and durability of the ripstop nylon layer that goes on top of the membrane. All this, without restricting at all your freedom of movement and action.

    Through a thermal process, we sandwich together our membrane with Ripstop nylon, a fabric normally used for outdoor products that are exposed to extreme conditions like sails, tents and others.The final fabric feels as one extremely thin, but versatile fabric that can outlast the toughest tests of time and elements.

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