Norm Model B desk

Solid-stone desk with built-in power and posture tracking

Norm Model B is a solid-stone desk for better and healthier work. It powers your devices with and without wires, tracks your posture with haptic feedback, and never wobbles. It’s made of warm acrylic stone and hard-coated Aluminum alloy

All fully recyclable, easy to upgrade and repair, built to become the last desk you’ll ever buy.

Everything you need for work is built-in and always within reach. That includes a spill-proof power outlet, two fast-charge USB-C ports, and a wireless charger for three devices with LED indication. Simply put your devices in place, they will be charged.

Add to that posture tracking with haptic feedback. The tabletop analyzes the pressure coming from your elbows and recognizes when you slouch. If so, it gives you a gentle buzz to straighten your back. You slouch — tabletop buzzes.

The desk comes in two sizes with a black or white tabletop. No-tools assembly with just a single wire to plug. Components will be made in China and France, tabletops and assembly are done in the USA.

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