OEPLAY Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker Sounds as Good as It Looks

Music has never sounded so good: with its powerful AMT tweeters, ground shaking basses and futuristic design, the OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker has come to excite your senses!

The team at OEPLAY is proud to announce the launch of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker, which provides 10 times wider frequency range and 13 times more sound space than most of the speakers on the market.

A rich and room-filling sound just from a small ball? Yes, this turns into reality thanks to OEPLAY’s impressive specs, latest technological tweaks and unique design, which makes you forget the bland and rectangular bookshelf speakers.

“Our Mission is to design and develop unique solutions that would make your listening experience a true marvel. By comparing several high-quality wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, I found that almost none of the current speaker systems that use ball-top trebles would perform the key details of the music. This inspired me to create the OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker with a powerful AMT tweeter to ensure high-quality acoustic performance,” said Ansion Wong, the founder of OEPLAY.

Sooooo….What’s the magic behind this “one-eyed aesthetic monster” which seems to have just arrived from Space?

  • High-performance AMT tweeter: Ensures an impressive acoustic experience constantly exceeding its peaks.
  • Powerful Bass system: Delivers all those uncovered details and allows you to experience the full power of the bass notes.
  • Aesthetic design: Fits anywhere around your house making it look sophisticated and luxurious.
  • Advanced dissipation system: Ensures optimal audio performance and longevity moving the diaphragm further linearly and avoiding voice coil overheating.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: Ensures a strong connection with your iOS or Android phone even when you are standing 30 meters (98 feet) from it.

OEPLAY has an all aluminum body covered with Piano lacquer.

“Creating OEPLAY was a challenging process. We had difficulties while integrating the AMT pneumatic tweeter into the wireless Bluetooth speaker to maximize musical performance, as well as designing the perfect spherical aluminum box, but after our hard work and research, we have solved these two challenges perfectly. Moreover, we are going to create numerous innovative audio products that will challenge the acoustic limits of the industry,” said Ansion Wong, the founder of OEPLAY.

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