Paper, Assemble to Streamline Startup Compensation Planning

Assemble users can now access Carta Total Compensation benchmarking data and cap table information directly within the Assemble platform, streamlining the process of creating a startup compensation strategy. Previously, users had to log in separately to Carta to access this data.

The integration allows users to view equity compensation data immediately after uploading their cap table into Assemble, eliminating the need to toggle between platforms. This seamless integration will unlock the power of equity data for shared customers of Assemble and Carta.

Reed McBride, Carta’s head of business development, expressed excitement over the integration, stating that combining Carta Total Compensation with Assemble’s workflows for scaled compensation planning cycles makes perfect sense. By leveraging the industry’s top real-time dataset for both cash and equity, companies can avoid common pitfalls in compensation planning, such as requesting too much or too little equity.

Furthermore, Carta’s compensation data can help businesses navigate changing pay transparency laws across the country, providing a comprehensive compensation philosophy and simplifying the determination of salary and equity.

Josh Steinfield, chief product strategist for Carta Total Compensation, highlighted the importance of agility and precision in today’s complex business environment. The partnership with Assemble allows leaders to efficiently design competitive, fair, and consistent compensation programs.

By integrating Carta Total Comp benchmarks in Assemble, HR leaders can more efficiently create a compensation program that meets the needs of their organization. This integration provides access to the leading source of private benchmarking data globally and combines it with intuitive communications tools for employees.

Offering greater transparency into how salary and equity are determined can contribute to employee retention and productivity. Elizabeth McConnaughey, head of people and talent at Wisp, recognized the value of this transparency in attracting and retaining top talent.

Overall, the integration between Assemble and Carta provides users with enhanced access to crucial compensation data, simplifying the process of building a startup compensation strategy.

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