PeerBerry Reports Record €75.36M of Loans Funded in August via Platform

PeerBerry, the leading peer-to-peer lending platform, achieved significant milestones in August, surpassing previous records. Investors funded a remarkable amount of €75.36 million in loans, marking the highest monthly funding in the platform’s six-year history. This achievement has pushed the total funded loans on PeerBerry to over €2 billion.

Investors were also rewarded with €867,844 in interest last month, as PeerBerry’s portfolio reached €116.63 million by the end of August. Moreover, 1,164 new investors joined the platform, bringing the total number of verified investors to over 73,550.

In August, PeerBerry’s business partners took a crucial step towards repayment of war-affected loans, repaying over €1.8 million. Since the start of the Group guarantee mechanism during the 18 months of the war, these partners have already repaid €44.58 million, which accounts for 89% of the total war-affected obligations.

The final repayment of Aventus Group war-affected short-term obligations is set to be processed on September 5. Additionally, Aventus Group will continue to repay war-affected long-term loans every month according to the initial loan schedules, while Gofingo Group will cover its obligations in the middle of each month.

With the demand for investment opportunities on the PeerBerry platform being high, some investors may face the issue of having excess funds in their PeerBerry account. To address this, investors are encouraged to consider investing a portion of their funds in the EU-regulated platform Crowdpear, which is an ECSP license holder. Managed by a dedicated team, Crowdpear enables investing in property-backed real estate or business loans with an attractive annual interest rate of up to 12%. Moreover, Crowdpear offers a Secondary Market, and its activities are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. Currently, Crowdpear boasts over 3,380 international investors and manages a portfolio exceeding €2 million.

In other news, Litelektra, PeerBerry’s business partner in the renewable energy sector, repaid investors a loan of €1 million and paid €83,471 in interest. As a licensed independent renewable energy supplier, Litelektra has electricity supply agreements with state-owned companies. These agreements guarantee steady and predictable cash flows, making investments in Litelektra safe and secure. The company’s mission is to increase accessibility to renewable wind and solar energy by ensuring a cycle of stable and affordable energy throughout the year.

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