PooPail: World’s best 2-in-1 solution for dog poop

On March 2, GoodWag, a US-based company, introduced the world’s first 2-in-1 system for

scooping and storing dog waste. This unique solution came as a result of the growing

needs of dog parents to remove their dogs’ waste fast and effectively, as well as keep

their backyard always clean.

In less than 6 weeks PooPail was 8,245% funded, hitting $450K milestone.

Any dog parent having a backyard knows that owning a pooch isn’t only about playing and

enjoying time with them. It also involves dealing with all kinds of poopy responsibilities.

That’s when the struggles arise: you pull out a plastic bag and then painfully

bend over to grab a smelly poopy treasure. After the treasure is secured, you walk who

knows how long to the nearest dumpster and finally drop off your pooch’s gift.

The worst part, this isn’t a one-time-a-day event: your hands, nose, and shoes

can attest to that. But what if there was a way to turn this lengthy and unpleasant process

into one easy step? This is exactly what the US-based company, GoodWag, set their

sights on by creating PooPail, the world’s first 2-in-1 solution that would significantly

reduce the strain of the poopy process.

Featuring a dual-purpose design, PooPail quickly tackles the poop problems with a

scoop-and-store system: simply scoop the waste into the pail and the poop’s gone,

with just a flick of the wrist!

This way it serves as an extension of your hand, freeing you from the unpleasant

experience of touching waste with your fingers, keeping you absolutely clean while dealing

with the dirtiest job.

Moreover, PooPail saves you from those frequent trash walks: unlike most of the

pooper-scoopers available on the market, it features a large pail that can safely store

your pooch’s “treasures” for up to a week. Say goodbye to those lengthy trips to the

dumpster several times a day.

“The idea of PooPail came to me a few years ago, when I had two dogs and a large backyard.

Like any dog parent, I enjoyed spending time with my doggos. But aside from being cute and

playful, my fur babies would always leave behind those nasty “surprises”, says Sandy, Founder

and Creator of PooPail. “For me, that meant 28 piles of “surprises” to pick up each week, and

28 trips to the garbage cans, which were 10 houses away! I needed a solution,

so then came PooPail!”

Not only does PooPail save you time, but it also saves you from the “irresistible” smell.

We all know poop doesn’t smell like roses… But with its securely sealed lid, the smell of

many “dinners” remains in the bin and miles away from your nose.

In fact, as long as the lid is closed, you don’t have to worry bad weather may get into the

pail and turn the waste inside into liquid goop: with it’s waterproof design, PooPail keeps

sprinkler and rain water out, not to mention those pesky flies.

Also, PooPail’s good for the environment. It comes with compostable and biodegradable

bags that diminish after you dispose of them. Now you can get rid yourself of your pooch’s

waste in a smart and healthy, planet-smiling way.

Poopail is available in 6 color options: green, gray, ocean blue, tyrian purple, pumpkin

orange and orange gold.

And last but not least, PooPail is a long-term investment into your home and life: Made of

durable materials it will withstand 10+ years of messes.

With all of these benefits combined, PooPail is the ideal waste solution for any dog parent

with any yard, any dog, and any amount of waste. Whether it’s the entire PooPail system, or

just the eco-friendly bags, PooPail is sure to make life easier so that you spend less time

dealing with poop, and more time playing with your smelly, but loving pooch.

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