Pupsule : The Solution to Handle Dog Poop

Pupsule is bringing change to an industry that hasn’t seen it for decades.

This 3-in-1 pet-waste removal solution allows you to easily pick up your dog’s mess, store the waste and dispose of it later.

Being a life-long pet lover and enjoying lovely evening walks with his dog, K., the creator of Pupsule, struggled with what every dog parent has to put up with daily.

Having to clean up after his dog with a simple plastic bag, then walk along with the smell and unpleasant feeling until you find a proper trash bin.

Having all the suffering in mind, K. came up with a device that would do all the dirty business for him including picking up his dog’s poop and keeping the poop smell inside.

It takes 3 simple steps to use Pupsule for waste cleanup. All you need to do is simply pull the bag out from the device, cover the claws and pick up the dog’s waste. Pupsule keeps the poop inside letting no leak or smell out. It picks up dog’s poop at 360 ° leaving no hazard behind. It’s so lightweight and compact that you can easily hang it from your wrist, slide it into your pocket or give your dog the carry.

Pupsule comes in 2 sizes:

Small – designed for dogs weighing less than 30 Lbs, 13 kg Weight: 6.7 oz or 190g

Large – designed for dogs weighing more than 30 Lbs, 13 kg Weight: 8.5 oz or 240g

Pleasant walks are guaranteed without having to worry about your dog’s waste.

Pupsule comes with a built-in bag dispenser, so no need to have extra pockets for bags.

Pupsule includes 10 biodegradable bag rolls, each roll having 20 bags in it. So, a total of 200 bags are included in the Pupsule set. This means that not only the dog’s waste is taken care of, but also our planet Earth is not being hurt.

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