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PURUS, which previously introduced Purus Air i with electrostatic technology purifying air around you last summer, launched a brand new product today, the PURUS AIR V, on Indiegogo.

During our current pandemic, we can all agree that keeping your air quality clean is the number one priority. Household air purifiers can only cover indoor environments, and when you need to get mobile, you’re going to need something more portable. That brings us to PURUS Air V, a new generation of personal air purifier. With cyclone vacuum technology, dual band UVA+UVC and molecular sieve, it offers you triple protection. No matter how tough your surroundings get, PURUS Air V safeguards the air quality around you, allowing you to breathe better.

As experts in aerodynamics, the PURUS team miniaturized and replicated the technology behind traditional dust collectors commonly used in flour mills, gravel fields, and other high dust industries to effortlessly purify the air quality around you. The funnel-shaped tubes keep the dust trapped in the container below. Unlike traditional air purifiers that trap dust and particles on their filters and leave concerns for potential secondary pollutants, Purus Air V guarantees only filtered air can flow through the tubes for further sterilization.

Also equipped with Ultraviolet and molecular sieves further removing odor molecules and TVOC in the air, making sure that the air expelled is clean and sterilized. The Ultraviolet not only activates the nano-molecular sieve module to catalyze and decompose organic pollutants, but also helps it achieve automatic regeneration. Whenever Purus Air V is powered, the molecular sieves will continue to maintain its adsorption capacity. Truly filter-free with zero dispensibles, You’ll never have to pay any subscription fee or spend a dime on costly filter replacements. Also, being powered by a 5V DC to USB cable makes it compatible with power banks, laptops and car chargers. Your access to clean air is no longer limited by wall plugs. 

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