The first portable sports game to combine volleyball and basketball.

RallyHoops, the new patent-pending, play anywhere, sports game.

RallyHoops combines aspects of volleyball and basketball to create a uniquely-new sports game that is easy to learn, addicting to play, and a fun way to exercise. Its light and ultra-compact design allows the set to travel with you anywhere, with the ability to play on any terrain, from sand to turf to concrete.

“Our goal with RallyHoops was to create an exciting, portable sports game that blends volleyball with basketball. RallyHoops’ simple design makes it game-ready anytime, anywhere, so whether it’s in the backyard, the beach, or an indoor court, a game of RallyHoops is only a few seconds away.”–Team RallyHoops.

RallyHoops is a family-owned sports game created by four brothers. Growing up in Long Island, we spent endless summers playing sports and games in the backyard, the park, and the beach. 

But, it was years later, at an annual charity WIFFLE ball tournament, that the idea for RallyHoops first materialized. 

Two weeks later, we had created the first working prototype, drawn up a detailed rulebook, and named the game, RallyHoops. 

Thereafter, we set up a company, filed for a patent, and developed more advanced prototype iterations as we worked together toward the final product design. RallyHoops comes with two bases, two retractable poles, four hoops, a ball pump, and one RallyHoopsball.

 It’s the first full-court hoops game that’s packaged into a portable briefcase, and it only takes seconds toset upor pack-up. Once set up, RallyHoops is played with two different sized hoops on each side of the court. 

There are different scoring options, depending on who scores in which hoop, but no more than 3 hits are allowed per team rally. Games are played to exactly 21 points, but that doesn’t mean the game is over. 

Each player on the trailing team has 1 redemption shot to rally back and continue the game!In our development, we have received positive feedback from our friends, family, and numerous onlookers, who have helped us test and improve the game. 

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