Reg CF: Attualmente ci sono 88 portali finanziari regolamentati da FINRA

The number of FINRA-regulated funding portals, which offer crowdfunding services under the Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) securities exemption, has increased slightly since April. As of now, there are 88 such portals, up from 83 in the previous count. Among the new additions to the list is Alvear Ventures in Miami, Florida, which focuses on small business funding and will partner with another entity to raise up to $75m. Angel Estate, based in California, is also a newcomer, with its website currently displaying a “coming soon” notice. New Jersey’s Big Crowd concentrates on real estate investments under Reg CF, while Caravan Funds, also New Jersey-based, partners with Caravan Funds Capital to offer securities under Reg A+ and Reg D. California’s Climatize Earth Securities is an impact platform that provides access to solar and green securities offerings. Crowdfund My Deal, in Texas, offers real estate investments along with securities under Reg D, and Crowdsurf Funding Portal, also based in Texas, allows investors to back creators. Seattle-based Equity Street Portal provides funding for smaller firms and real estate ventures, while FundingHope in Illinois focuses on underserved communities. GigaFeatured Posts WidgetStar Portal, also based in Illinois, is a crowdfunding marketplace for creators and fans. Michigan’s Impact Crowd Portal offers funding for impact-focused investment opportunities, and NetGreen Capital matches investors with farms and agricultural businesses. SeedStarter in New Jersey provides tokens as digital assets, and Ireland-based WeClimate is a green and impact investing site. Lastly, Fundpaas, which was previously suspended, has been reinstated by FINRA and is pivoting to crowdfunding at the point of sale using QR codes and blockchain technology.

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