SEC Orders Elon Musk to Comply with Investigation, Musk Responds with “Seriously”

SEC Issues Order to Elon Musk to Comply with Subpoena

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken action against Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur, by issuing an order aimed at compelling him to comply with an investigative subpoena. The order calls for Musk’s appearance for testimony related to an ongoing investigation by the SEC regarding potential violations of federal securities laws. Musk, who now owns Twitter (rebranded as X), has recently come under scrutiny from left-wing policymakers due to his promotion of free speech.

It appears that Musk had disregarded a subpoena previously issued by SEC enforcement staff, which required him to appear at a federal district court. In response to an X tweet mentioning the subpoena, Musk simply replied with the word “seriously.” This nonchalant response has only fueled tensions between Musk and the SEC.

The SEC claims that Musk had initially agreed to appear in September but informed the SEC two days before the scheduled date that he had changed his mind. According to the SEC, Musk then attempted to justify his refusal to comply with the subpoena by raising several spurious objections. The SEC maintains that Musk’s objections lack legal validity and accuses him of having no justifiable excuse for non-compliance.

The SEC’s order is part of its efforts to obtain information relevant to its investigation that it does not currently possess. The SEC seeks testimony from Musk to shed light on his acquisition of Twitter and his statements and SEC filings related to the platform. The SEC insists that this request is both legitimate and lawful.

The SEC’s document also reveals that Musk believes the SEC is using its subpoena authority as a means to harass him. However, the SEC firmly denies these claims and is determined to ensure Musk’s compliance with the legal order.

This latest move by the SEC highlights the ongoing tensions between regulators and Musk, who has frequently made headlines for his controversial statements and outspoken nature. The outcome of this clash remains uncertain, but it is clear that Musk’s legal battles are far from over.

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