Smartcredito from Spain Joins the PeerBerry Investment Platform

Smartcredito, a business partner from Spain, has recently joined the PeerBerry platform, offering investors the opportunity to invest in short-term loans with a 10% annual return. These loans come with a buyback option and a group guarantee, providing added security for investors.

Smartcredito, also known as Arena Finance Spain S.L., is a short-term lender that was launched in May 2023 by Aventus Group. They specialize in providing quick and convenient online loans with a term of up to 30 days and a maximum amount of EUR 1000. Currently, their portfolio amounts to over EUR 250,000, and they have a team of 15 employees.

Investors can access Smartcredito loans on the PeerBerry platform three times a week, specifically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If these loans align with their investment strategy, PeerBerry suggests including Smartcredito in their Auto Invest.

PeerBerry has been experiencing significant growth and success. In August, investors on the platform funded a record amount of EUR 75.36 million in loans, surpassing previous levels. This is the highest funding amount the platform has seen in a single month in its six-year history. Additionally, PeerBerry has now surpassed EUR 2 billion in total funded loans on the platform.

During August, PeerBerry investors received EUR 867,844 in interest, and the platform’s portfolio amounted to EUR 116.63 million by the end of the month. Furthermore, 1164 new investors joined PeerBerry in August, bringing the total number of verified investors to over 73,550.

PeerBerry’s business partners have been diligently repaying war-affected loans, with over EUR 1.8 million repaid in August alone. In total, these partners have repaid EUR 44.58 million, which accounts for 89% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors. The final repayment of war-affected short-term obligations by Aventus Group will be processed on September 5. Additionally, Gofingo Group will continue to cover their war-affected obligations in the middle of each month.

Due to the high demand on the PeerBerry platform, many investors are facing the issue of having all their funds invested. To overcome this, PeerBerry suggests considering investing a portion of the funds in the EU-level regulated platform Crowdpear, which is represented by their team and holds an ECSP license. This diversification can help investors avoid cash drag and maximize their investment opportunities.

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