Spend Management Fintech Brex Introduces Tool to Streamline Work Processes, Increase Productivity

Brex, the global spend platform, has unveiled its latest innovation, Brex Assistant. This proactive assistant aims to simplify expense management for employees, improving productivity and efficiency.

Brex Assistant is the flagship product of Brex AI, which is a suite of capabilities designed to transform spend management. It enables unprecedented levels of efficiency, compliance, and accuracy. This AI-powered assistant utilizes natural language processing and autonomous AI agents to automate expense documentation and categorization.

By integrating data from various sources such as calendar information, past expenses, and exclusive integrations, Brex Assistant can automatically populate expense documentation and assign expenses to the appropriate category and budget. This significantly reduces the time and effort required from employees.

An example of Brex Assistant’s capabilities is its ability to detect when an employee is traveling for work based on their calendar. If the employee books a flight, Brex Assistant automatically assigns the appropriate travel budget, fills out the business memo, and generates the itemized receipt. This ensures that the expense is fully compliant with the company’s policies, without any manual effort from the employee.

In addition to automating expense information, Brex Assistant can also provide answers to common questions that employees would typically ask their finance team. For example, employees can ask questions such as “How much am I allowed to spend per day at the offsite?” and “What other restrictions apply for this trip?” Brex Assistant can also respond to specific commands from employees on how to complete expenses, such as routing charges from a specific vendor to a designated budget.

Furthermore, Brex Assistant has the ability to recall past transactions and provide employees with the necessary business context. For instance, employees can ask questions like “What was on my calendar when I expensed this Uber?” This feature helps employees remember important details and improves the accuracy of expense reporting.

Over the past year, Brex has significantly increased its investment in AI, especially in customer-facing applications. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the user experience and streamline expense management.

With the introduction of Brex Assistant, employees can now rely on an intelligent assistant to handle their expense management tasks, reducing the burden on finance teams and improving overall productivity. This innovative solution is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage their expenses, ensuring compliance and accuracy while saving time and effort.

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