Sweden’s Digital Commerce Software Provider Focalpay Collaborates with Grocery Retailers Matrebellerna

Grocery retailers Matrebellerna and commerce software provider Focalpay have announced a strategic partnership to enhance payment and checkout processes across 23 Matrebellerna stores in Sweden. Focalpay will introduce its commerce platform, which includes payment, checkout, and backoffice functionality, starting in September.

Matrebellerna, a collective of independent grocery stores in Sweden, aims to digitize and streamline payment and checkout journeys for customers and staff. Focalpay was selected for its innovative backoffice, which includes a Master Data Management Gateway and integrations with the current main supplier’s system.

With Focalpay’s platform, Matrebellerna can roll out the new system alongside the existing end-of-life systems, ensuring continuous operation and maximizing revenue and security. The platform will empower in-store staff with technology for manned checkouts and mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems, while also offering self-service shopping options for customers in selected stores.

Andreas Rosensparr, owner of three Matrebell stores, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, stating that Focalpay meets all the requirements for an innovative, secure, and competitively priced checkout and backoffice infrastructure. He emphasized the benefits of unifying systems and creating excellent customer experiences while enabling efficient daily tasks for staff.

Olof Henriksson, Chief Revenue Officer at Focalpay, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the company’s commitment to bringing innovation, security, and sustainability to Matrebellerna stores. Henriksson highlighted the versatility of Focalpay’s platform, allowing staff to complete administrative tasks from anywhere and conduct sales through manned tills, mobile POS systems, or tablets. Focalpay’s harmonized platform uses service-oriented architecture and open APIs, breaking down the boundaries between payment, checkout, and store administration and redefining the concept of a retail platform.

The partnership between Matrebellerna and Focalpay represents a significant step in optimizing and modernizing the grocery retail sector in Sweden. By leveraging Focalpay’s innovative technology, Matrebellerna aims to enhance the shopping experience for customers and improve operational efficiency for staff.

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