Swift Tests Blockchain, Deems Tokenization Experiment a Success, Looks to the Future of Mass Digital Asset Adoption

Global financial services firm Swift has successfully conducted a blockchain test in partnership with Chainlink, demonstrating the potential for tokenized assets. The experiment showed that value transfers across multiple public and private blockchains can reduce friction and enable global tokenization. Swift highlighted that 97% of institutional investors believe digital assets will revolutionize asset management, offering improved efficiency and cost reductions. The ability to tokenize assets will also facilitate fractional ownership and broader access for investors. Swift’s Chief Innovation Officer, Tom Zschach, emphasized the importance of interoperability for tokenization to reach its full potential and seamlessly connect institutions to the financial ecosystem. By working with a variety of blockchain networks, Swift aims to accelerate the adoption of tokenization. Chainlink’s CEO, Sergey Nazarov, noted that global banks and market infrastructures acknowledge the increasing adoption of digital assets within the banking industry, with interoperability being crucial for further adoption. The successful test involved over a dozen major financial services firms, including ANZ, BNP Paribas, Citi, and Lloyds Banking Group. Swift plans to ensure secure and global interoperability as new technologies emerge, and it is also preparing to support Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) if they enter the ecosystem.

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