Swiss B2B Fintech GenTwo Raises Series A led by Point72 Ventures

Swiss-based B2B Fintech platform GenTwo has successfully raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by US-based Point72 Ventures. This investment will see Pete Casella, Senior Partner and Co-Head of Fintech investments at Point72 Ventures, join GenTwo’s board of directors.

GenTwo, founded in Zurich in 2018, has developed a unique financial engineering network centered around its proprietary GenTwo PRO platform. This platform enables investment professionals to securitize and bring to market any asset or investment strategy as a bankable security quickly and easily.

The company’s innovative platform opens up previously alternative and non-bankable assets, such as real estate, fine art, and digital assets, which make up a global market worth over $78 trillion, to all investors. GenTwo’s products cater to the growing demand from asset managers and their clients for innovative financial products that offer diversification and active portfolio management opportunities.

Since its inception, GenTwo has served over 250 clients in 26 countries, launching more than 1,200 investment products and managing over $3 billion in assets.

Pete Casella, Senior Partner and Co-Head of Fintech investments at Point72 Ventures, expressed his confidence in GenTwo’s potential, stating, “GenTwo is a good example of what we are looking for, and we believe that the founders Patrick Loepfe and Philippe A. Naegeli are the right team to execute on their ideas.”

GenTwo plans to utilize the funding to expand internationally and further enhance its financial engineering platform. Co-Founder and Chairman of GenTwo, Patrick Loepfe, emphasized their commitment to technology and the development of a unique securitization platform that offers simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to clients. He also expressed excitement about the partnership with Point72 Ventures, an experienced fintech and AI investor, stating that they are the perfect partner to help GenTwo achieve even more.

Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO and Co-Founder of GenTwo, added, “To have a venture capital firm like Point72 Ventures choose us for its first investment in Switzerland is highly gratifying. It is clear that we both see the same opportunity and that Point72 Ventures believes in our ability to deliver on it.”

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