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    Banala Sense Uses Isochronic Technology and Varying Sound Freque

    Approximately 33-50% of the adult population experiences symptoms of insomnia at some point in their lifetime. From endless tossing and turning in bed and difficulty concentrating to serious health issues, bad quality of sleep significantly impacts the quality of life. Having struggled with insomnia himself, Kridsakon Yaomanee used his experience in Brain-computer interface research to […] More

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    OEPLAY Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker Sounds as Good as It Looks


    Music has never sounded so good: with its powerful AMT tweeters, ground shaking basses and futuristic design, the OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker has come to excite your senses! The team at OEPLAY is proud to announce the launch of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for OEPLAY Hi-Fi speaker, which provides 10 times wider frequency range and 13 times more […] More