Tether Testing Bitcoin Mining – Moria

Tether’s Chief Technical Officer, Paolo Ardoino, has recently announced that they are conducting tests on a Bitcoin mining platform called Moria. In a tweet, Ardoino revealed that Moria aims to facilitate seamless communication within the BTC mining ecosystem by employing efficient, secure, and resilient methods that are resistant to attacks and cost-effective. He also mentioned that the platform will eventually expand its capabilities to include energy production monitoring.

The testing of Moria involves the use of containers and miners, with the software now taking control of all power distribution unit (PDU) management and interactions with miners, such as frequency and power settings. Notably, any write actions on the platform require multisignature approval, ensuring enhanced security measures. Furthermore, Ardoino highlighted that Moria’s peer-to-peer nature makes it ideal for integration with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Moria is developed using Tether’s proprietary technology, Holepunch, which showcases the company’s commitment to investing in Bitcoin-focused innovations. Bitcoin, being the most popular cryptocurrency globally, is not regulated as a security in the United States and is considered adequately decentralized.

The introduction of Moria demonstrates Tether’s dedication to furthering technological advancements within the Bitcoin mining industry. As the crypto market continues its rapid expansion, it is crucial for companies to invest in efficient and secure infrastructures that can support the mining ecosystem. Ardoino’s announcement indicates that Tether is on the forefront of this development, using their in-house technology to push the boundaries of Bitcoin mining capabilities.

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