Roadie Coach attaches to your instrument and makes it smarter. 

This device, combined with the app, is an innovative solution that helps aspiring musicians learn acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and singing at almost any level of mastery and from wherever they want. It is also a great practice companion for more advanced players who are interested in getting insight into their playtime and performance. 

How does Coach help you learn how to play? 

Coach tracks a user’s playing, gives instant feedback and provides deep insight into their progress. It helps users learn to play their favorite songs step by step and at different speeds until they can perform the original tracks in full. Along the way, Coach suggests areas of focus that are specific to a user’s needs. This gives a clear path forward as users learn an extensive and ever-growing library of popular songs. Not just for solo learning, Coach makes it easy to share progress with a teacher or bandmate with a simple text. 

Roadie Coach has all its bases covered, as it teaches chords, tabs and strum patterns. Users play along to backing tracks and enjoy an immersive learning experience. When singing and playing at the same time, Roadie Coach’s two built-in mics record and analyze everything so users can get individual feedback on each skill.

“As a passionate musician myself, it’s been really rewarding to bring a product into the market that makes learning music more accessible, simpler and more exciting for people,” says Bassam Jalgha, Chief Technology Officer. 

What’s special about the Coach Recorder? 

Roadie Coach is not just suited for those looking to learn to play music. It’s also a powerful portable multi-track recorder for any musician wanting to take their practice and skills to the next level. Record and save all your musical ideas and jam sessions in high-quality. Coach will then automatically organize them and give you easy access to your full practice history and practice metrics. Got a gig? Coach also works as a contact mic for live playing. 

More on the MIDI Controller feature

Coach has a Bluetooth radio built in, which enables it to interact with other devices and computers via MIDI. This means the two touch surfaces will both be accessible and visible to your DAW or audio app. You can assign these surfaces as MIDI inputs to control whatever tool or parameter your creativity demands. 

“For the past 6 years, we have been working on perfecting our vibration detection technology. As we developed Roadie Tuners, we asked ourselves, “what can we learn by leaving our sensor on the instrument while playing rather than just while tuning?”. The answer was an absolute deluge of new data points and from this, the idea for Roadie Coach was born.” says Hassane Slaibi, Chief Executive Officer. 

As with every product released by Roadie Music, Roadie Coach was developed while keeping customer feedback and satisfaction the clear focus. A data-driven approach was used to gain insight into what did and didn’t work well for each individual user of the platform. This was done through the continuous A/B testing of features and conducting countless user interviews. 

The results of this rigorous usability testing speak for themselves through reviews received through the App Store for the beta version of the app: 

  • HeyDudeRamen ★★★★★

I love it

I can’t believe I found such a good app. I like the learning approach the app takes as a beginner it’s easier to follow than other apps. 

  • 1959jam ★★★★★

I downloaded this app today and it made me realise how bad my timing was. Keeps me on my toes and is a real challenge to be able to play with a backing track. I love this app and can’t wait to see how it develops.

  • Junproject ★★★★★

Wonderful app!!

Extremely easy to use and follow! Love the lessons and the step by step progression! 


Easily learn songs in full

Follow a step by step learning approach that teaches you chords, tabs and strum patterns at different speeds until you are comfortable performing the original song. Practice with a backing track to make learning more effective and fun. Easily transpose a song from one key to another so it is more comfortable for you to play or sing. 

Get instant feedback and deep insights 

Roadie Coach gives you critical visual feedback as you play as well as tips, tutorials and specific exercises to improve your technique and skills. You can access your full performance history to understand your progress better and see your practice metrics. 

Choose from a huge library of songs 

Access a library of over hundreds of songs from all music genres including pop, rock, indie & more.

Sing and play at the same time 

When learning to sing and play at the same time, Coach will carefully listen to both your voice and instrument and give you feedback on each.

High-quality multi-track recording 

Roadie Coach is equipped with a sleek contact mic and an extremely capable microphone to capture and store all your performances and practice sessions in their utmost quality. It will also help organize them for you and give you easy-access to all your files.

Visualize and interact with your music

Coach is equipped with an intuitive LED touch interface so you can clearly visualize and interact with interesting elements of your playing. Two customizable sliders allow you to do things like adjust gain to avoid clipping, see song progress as you play, or use a host of killer features we are still developing such as effects and MIDI commands.

Input/output, piezo pickup and micro amp

Coach has two 1/8th inch (3.5mm) audio jacks, audio-in and audio-out that can be used to plug electric guitars or other pickup-equipped instruments as well as external microphones. Users can also perform a headphone sound check and listen to on-board recordings. Coach can also be used as a micro amp when practicing electric guitar and as a contact mic for live performances. 

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