TransUnion TruIQ Data Enrichment Provides Financial Institutions with Secure Access to Pseudonymized Credit Data in Private Environments

TransUnion has launched TruIQ Data Enrichment, a solution designed to meet financial institutions’ increasing need for faster data, greater control, and a bigger impact in the analytics lifecycle. The solution provides unlimited, on-demand access to pseudonymized TransUnion credit data within a customer’s private environment. It includes a proprietary linking app that connects businesses’ first- and third-party data with TransUnion credit data. This allows customers to execute highly targeted marketing campaigns or conduct cost-benefit analyses without risking sensitive data leaving their private environments. TruIQ Data Enrichment aims to help financial institutions make key decisions faster in the dynamic credit market. The solution provides speed to market, greater security, and more control. It also allows businesses to create streamlined consumer experiences by linking and enriching first- and third-party data with TransUnion credit data. Patrick White, vice president of card and banking, said that with TruIQ Data Enrichment, TransUnion delivers the most relevant offers to lenders when they are interacting with consumers. This launch follows the earlier release of TruIQ Analytics Studio, a data science and analytics solution that provides rapid data exploration capabilities and fast model development for businesses of all sizes.

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