UK Fintech Modulr partners with Hastee to enable early access to a portion of earned pay for workers

Fintech company Hastee has partnered with payment platform Modulr to provide faster access to earned wages for employees in the UK and Europe. Hastee, which aims to disrupt the traditional monthly pay cycle, allows workers to access part of their earned pay in advance to cover emergencies. With the new collaboration, employees can receive payments within seconds of requesting an advance, eliminating the need for hours of manual reconciliation work. The partnership also enables Hastee to pay out advances in under 10 seconds by leveraging Modulr’s access to the UK’s Faster Payments scheme and SEPA Instant in the EEA. Previously, reconciling wage advances was a time-consuming process for Hastee, but the use of a single payment provider has reduced reconciliation time by 15%. This has also led to fewer late or missing payments, saving the company an additional two hours per week. The collaboration between Modulr and Hastee will further expand to allow multiple EMI accounts under employer customer IDs, streamlining the payment process for employers and employees.

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