UK’s Metro Bank Launches Vulnerable Customer Online Hub

Metro Bank has launched dedicated online resources to support brokers and customers during times of vulnerability. The bank has created a dedicated page on its intermediary website to help brokers identify vulnerable customers, as well as a Mortgage Payment Support page for customers who are concerned about their finances.

Brokers can notify Metro Bank about potentially vulnerable clients by including relevant information in the application notes. The bank will then reach out to the customer directly to discuss ways to support and manage their concerns.

Charles Morley, the Director of Mortgage Distribution at Metro Bank, emphasized that the bank aims to assist customers facing financial challenges and prides itself on offering high-quality service and convenience.

In other news, Metro Bank recently issued a warning about the increasing number of malware attacks targeting UK bank customers. Malware refers to malicious software that criminals design to compromise various devices, such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones. There were approximately 5.5 billion malware attacks reported globally last year.

Malware can take different forms, including viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojans. Its effects can range from stealing personal data and intercepting SMS messages to gaining control of online banking applications for unauthorized payments. Some devices are enlisted as “zombies” to further spread malware or mine cryptocurrency.

One particular type of malware, known as “ransomware,” encrypts all data on a victim’s device and threatens to destroy or sell it unless a fee is paid. The UK government has designated ransomware as a Tier 1 national security threat due to its widespread presence and the harm it causes to victims.

Metro Bank’s Head of Fraud & Investigations, Baz Thompson, highlighted the importance of raising awareness about malware attacks to protect customers from potential harm.

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