UK’s Smart Pension Seeds £550M in Low Carbon Stewardship Fund

Smart Pension, one of the leading workplace pension providers in the UK, has announced its investment in the AMX-DWS Global Low Carbon Stewardship Fund. This fund is a new low-carbon global equity index strategy that provides innovative stewardship voting capabilities, making it one of the first pooled funds to offer split voting within a pooled fund and is in line with Smart Pension’s goal of achieving net zero by 2040.

The AMX-DWS Global Low Carbon Stewardship Fund is a collaboration between Carne platform, AMX, asset manager DWS, stewardship provider Minerva Analytics, and index provider Solactive. This partnership enables institutional investors to have a say in voting preferences within a pooled fund. The voting is split according to each investor’s holdings in the fund, giving institutional investors stronger investment stewardship and active ownership.

The fund harnesses the power of new split voting technology from Minerva Analytics to track a low-carbon global equity index. This allows investors to have diversified equity exposure that aligns with the long-term targets of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Smart Pension’s investment in the AMX-DWS Global Low Carbon Stewardship Fund is in line with its Smart Sustainable Growth Fund’s objective of achieving net zero by 2040. This positions Smart Pension as a leader in the industry in terms of sustainability, accountability, and stewardship.

Smart Pension has already made significant strides in incorporating investments with a strong sustainability focus into its portfolio and plans to continue doing so. The company is a member of prominent global sustainability initiatives, highlighting its commitment to creating a better future for its members.

Paul Bucksey, Chief Investment Officer at Smart Pension, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that the fund is aligned with their net zero targets and their commitment to stewardship and accountability. Mark Stockley, Chief Business Development Officer at Carne, also commented on the partnership, recognizing the importance of working together to achieve long-term financial growth and a safer, healthier world for retirees.

This latest investment by Smart Pension reinforces its commitment to sustainability and positions the company as a leader in the pension industry. By investing in low-carbon funds and actively engaging in stewardship practices, Smart Pension is driving positive change and paving the way for a greener future.

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