Wealthtech Addepar Introduces Enterprise-Scale Report Generation Features for Clients

Addepar, a leading investment management technology provider, has announced important updates to its platform, as well as research insights and the latest developments within the company and its client and partner network.

One of the key updates focuses on enabling firms to run reports at enterprise scale, while also improving the functionality and flexibility of the Client Portal for clients. Addepar’s latest research report explores how clients are utilizing Capital Market Assumptions (CMAs) to inform their investment decisions.

In addition, Addepar has introduced two updates that, when used together, allow firms with larger client bases to streamline report generation. Users can now associate up to 50,000 portfolios with a single report, eliminating the need for manual duplication and saving time. Furthermore, the introduction of the Report Generation API (Beta) allows users to generate reports for tens of thousands of portfolios with just a push of a button.

Addepar has also enhanced the Client Portal by introducing side-by-side charts, which allow users to compare data more easily. This feature was previously only available in the existing version of the Portal, which will be discontinued later this year. Clients will also have the ability to filter contacts by portfolio and subscription group, simplifying the search process.

In terms of investment opportunities, Addepar’s Marketplace has successfully closed a growth equity manager fund in Q3 2023. The Marketplace is currently offering three private investment opportunities, including a sports-focused structured private equity fund, a lower-middle-market deep value buyout fund, and an emerging market impact growth equity fund. The Marketplace is accessible through Addepar’s affiliate broker-dealer, Acervus Securities.

Capital market assumptions (CMAs) are widely used by investors to guide their investment activities, particularly in determining target asset allocation. However, there is a lack of best practices for selecting and implementing CMAs.

To learn more about Addepar’s latest platform updates, clients can review the Release Notes, while those interested in becoming clients can reach out to Addepar’s team for further information.

In summary, Addepar continues to enhance its platform and provide valuable insights and updates to its clients and partners. The new features and improvements allow for more efficient report generation and offer enhanced functionality within the Client Portal. The Marketplace continues to offer diverse investment opportunities, while the use of CMAs remains prevalent in guiding investment decisions, despite the lack of established best practices.

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