Web3 Adoption: Consensys, Protocol Labs to Enable Innovators through Scale Startup Program

Consensys, a leading blockchain firm, has announced a partnership with Protocol Labs to support blockchain ventures and startups through its Consensys Scale program. Protocol Labs brings its extensive experience in supporting founders in their entrepreneurial journeys, having raised more than $1 billion in external capital. This partnership builds on their previous collaboration in accelerator programs within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Alex Greinacher, Head of the Scale Startup Program at Consensys, emphasized the importance of integrating ecosystem partners like Protocol Labs to provide startups with the necessary tools and support. The Scale program, launched in 2022, offers selected ventures access to developer tools, APIs, co-marketing opportunities, workshops, funding resources, and other ecosystem benefits.

The Scale program spans over two years and is designed for dapps and blockchain companies at the Seed to Series A funding stages. Participating teams are expected to have a fully operational team, institutional funding, and an initial product-market fit.

As part of this collaboration, Protocol Labs will provide products, technical expertise, funding opportunities, and exclusive invitations to its founders community for Scale members. Additionally, teams will have the opportunity to incorporate Filecoin and IPFS, essential elements of web3 infrastructure, as well as solutions like NFT.Storage Pro and Web3.Storage Pro.

One success story from the Consensys Scale program is Blockfence, a web3 proactive risk and threat mapping startup. They have been part of the program since November 2022 and have created one of the first approved MetaMask Snaps. Blockfence’s Snap provides transaction security to MetaMask users, which has surpassed 100 million users in 2022. With the support from Consensys and Protocol Labs, Blockfence will continue to receive comprehensive support and will soon deploy Linea as their preferred L2 solution.

The partnership between Consensys and Protocol Labs is an exciting development for blockchain startups. With access to Protocol Labs’ expertise and support, Scale program participants can expect to accelerate their growth and further develop their innovative solutions in the blockchain ecosystem.

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