WICKED EGG – The only automatic interactive toy that Entertains

WickedLab is proud to introduce Wicked Egg – the ultimate interactive pet toy that combines smart interaction with smart treat dispenser. It is created to resolve pets’ loneliness and try to find a way to keep them entertained and trained all day long even if the owner is not around them.

Wicked Egg is a 100% auto-function all-in-one food dispenser toy which is designed to stimulate and satisfy pets’ all five senses with its dazzling LED light, preset sound effect, physical feedback such as spinning or vibrating, as well as with delicious treats that pets crave. It is the toy with a smart core that you can ever imagine!

Standout Features

  • Multiple interaction modes: Wicked Egg is equipped with multiple interaction modes to provide bursts of fun your pet needs to be happy while you are not around. You can easily select the interaction mode by touching the relevant button – each mode has its own color. Every touch comes with special sound, lighting, vibrating and spinning effects to grab your pet’s attention and involve in a stimulating play to keep it entertained and healthy both mentally and physically.
  • Controllable food tossing: To make the play more enjoyable Wicked Egg dispenses your pets with their favored reward treats and snacks when you are not around. You control the amount of treatos choosing the most fitting interaction mode and difficulty level for your furry friend.
  • 100% automatic: It is fully automatic and super-easy to set up. Thanks to its self-activating, self-moving and touch-activated features it will ensure that your pet is happy and occupied all day with playtime while you are away.
  • Lights and Sounds: The built-in light system brightens, vibrates and makes sounds, letting your fur-friend know they’re close to receiving a treat.
  • Durable Design: Wicked Egg is available in two colors – olive green and apricot. Its eatsmart design is encapsulated in ultra-durable and all-natural rubber, and on top of it, it’s also:
  • replaceable,
  • rechargeable
  • easy to clean.

Intelligent Companion Mode

Appropriate playtime is very important for my physical and mental condition. To balance play overstimulation Wicked Egg offers ‘Intelligent Companion Mode’, which means it enters ‘Sleep Mode’ for 30 minutes after a 10-minute-playtime (or after treats are served to pets), and It reactivates after a touch. Wicked Egg reacts to pets’ touch differently all the time: random swinging, lighting, vibrating, spinning and sounds … Keep tickling their senses to trigger their inner natural instincts, to interact with Wicked Egg even without food served. Moreover, it offers 3 difficulty levels for your smart pawdy to get trained and to give the physical activity and mental stimulation it craves.

  • Starter Mode: Select ‘Starter’ by pressing the button once, then the 10-minute countdown begins. Each touch triggers 1 extra minute cut out. Time out. Meal is served! You can Re-start from sensory stimulation-Self-entertainment all day long!
  • Advanced Mode: When ‘Starter’ becomes too easy for your fur baby, move on to the ‘Advanced’ level. 10-minute countdown while every touch only cuts 20 extra seconds.
  • Expert Mode – No more automatic countdowns, only interaction! Your kitty or doggo plays until they reach a fixed amount of touches in order to get their dinner served.Smart Controllable Treat dispenser

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