Yahoo Finance Sonification Tesla made in Max MSP/Jitter

Francesco Mariano composer, musician and sound designer, professor of Music Technologies at the Liceo Musicale F. Palma di Massa, presented to the internet public a program on Max MSP (it can also be exported as a stand alone application for mac / win) which emits sounds based on stock market securities.

In a nutshell, it describes the real-time trend of Tesla stocks through the yahoo financial site, all in real time.

The software connects to the site, takes the values of the title and projects them on the screen with different font sizes, large if the title goes up, small if the title goes down, green screen if it goes up, red screen if it goes down.

The trend of the stock values activates an arpeggiator that plays notes, higher and higher as the stock goes up, darker and lower when the stock goes down.

The inventor explains to us: “ The programming was not very simple, currently it may seem somewhat rudimentary, but I think it can have great potential being a mix of real-time interactive audiovideo that takes Yahoo’s financial data ”.

We anticipate great success for this new software and look forward to discovering new inventions.

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