ZELF, the bank of the metaverse

ZELF, the bank of the metaverse, is shaking up the financial world by introducing anonymous Visa cards, which can be replenished by crypto. 

While other banks are becoming even more cautious with crypto, ZELF is upping the ante, providing a way for people to use their crypto holdings in the real world. 

ZELF cards can be used at 80 million locations worldwide, anywhere Visa is accepted, making it easy to shop, travel, and more. And because the cards can be replenished by crypto, there’s no need to worry about exchange rates or wire transaction fees. ZELF is making it possible for people to use their crypto holdings to enjoy their lives without restrictions.

The cryptocurrency community has always placed a high value on privacy. In a world where government surveillance is becoming more ubiquitous, crypto enthusiasts have been drawn to the idea of a digital currency that can be used anonymously. However, in practice, most crypto-enabled cards to set up an account require that the customer passes a verification process, known as KYC (“Know Your Customer” procedures). This can be a turnoff for many users who value privacy above all else. ZELF is the bank that aims to address this issue. 

With ZELF, users can open a USD checking account without the identity verification, only name, email and phone number are required. This means that there is no need to provide any personal information, such as document scans, proof of address, or social security numbers. Within 30 seconds ZELF opens a checking account and a virtual debit card that works with Apple Pay and Google Pay online and offline.

ZELF account can be recharged by traditional ACH and wires, but the new feature is the ability to reload the card with incoming crypto deposits. Currently ZELF supports USDC, USDT and ETH, but the company promises to add support for many more tokens in the near future. This makes ZELF an attractive option for anyone who values privacy and wants to use their cryptocurrency without having to worry about their personal information being compromised.

What seems like a purely user-centric value proposition for those who need extra privacy in payments is actually a great deal for the bank itself.

Allowing customers to start banking without a traditional verification reduces the onboarding time from days to seconds and dramatically lowers the cost of acquiring new customers. ZELF reports that their CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is 600 times lower than traditional banks and 60 times lower than neobanks. This results in huge savings for the neobank, which can invest this money into more innovative banking ideas or simply pass it on to its customers in the form of lower fees, resulting in a win-win situation for both the bank and its customers.

As stated by Zelf Founder and CEO, Elliot Goykhman “by not requiring KYC at first glance, we also attract customers, who are currently unbanked due to inability to pass verification at traditional banks, including international digital nomads, migrant workers and refugees”.

Zelf has been innovating since 2017 and it is one-of-a-kind in their industry with a product that may just change how we do business forever.

If the future of banking is crypto, then Zelf is the first mover.

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