Zero-Knowledge Proofs Now Part of Bitcoin Ecosystem, Will Support Scalability, BTC and ETH Bridging

ZeroSync, a non-profit organization, is making significant progress towards implementing zero knowledge proofs on the Bitcoin network. This technology, called STARK Proofs, aims to bring scalability to Ethereum by allowing for faster and more efficient transactions. With the release of its verifier for the Bitcoin network’s header chain, ZeroSync is paving the way for Bitcoin full nodes to run on mobile devices.

Bitcoin light clients, such as wallets, currently use block headers and a mechanism called Simple Payment Verification (SPV) to verify transactions. ZeroSync’s verifier eliminates the need to download the entire block header by storing only a header chain proof, enabling near-instantaneous transaction verification.

The ultimate goal for ZeroSync is to provide verification of the entire network without the need for nodes to download and process data. This significant milestone could lead to the establishment of a Layer 2 protocol for Bitcoin, allowing for the integration of tokens like stablecoins and potentially increasing throughput by 20 to 50 times without requiring a fork.

Zero-knowledge proofs leverage cryptography to verify information without revealing the information itself. While this technology has been successfully used to scale Ethereum, it has not yet made inroads on the Bitcoin network. However, ZeroSync’s progress suggests that this may soon change.

The Bitcoin network is known for its intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism, which ensures high security but comes at the cost of speed. On average, Bitcoin can handle only seven transactions per second compared to Ethereum’s average of 12 TPS. During periods of high activity, such as bull runs or new application launches, the network often experiences congestion and high fees.

This rigidity has led many developers to choose other networks like Ethereum for building Web3 applications. However, the introduction of zero-proof technology could shift the balance back towards Bitcoin.

ZeroSync is developing a software development kit (SDK) that will allow developers to generate custom validity proofs for the Bitcoin network. By utilizing the power of STARKs through Sandstorm, a fast SHARP-compatible Cairo prover, ZeroSync aims to enable Bitcoin users to validate the state of the network without downloading the entire blockchain or relying on a third party.

With ZeroSync’s advancements, Bitcoin may soon be able to compete with Ethereum in terms of scalability, making it a more attractive option for developers and users alike.

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