Zumo Claims First Place in Meeting FCA’s New Promotion Requirements for Crypto

Digital asset as a service firm, Zumo, has announced that it is now complying with the new regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for promoting digital assets and cryptocurrency. Zumo claims to be the first platform to adhere to these rules.

While some platforms have paused their operations in order to make the necessary adjustments, Zumo’s service is already available, well ahead of the October 8th deadline for compliance.

According to Nick Jones, CEO of Zumo, adhering to regulatory frameworks is not just about complying with the rules, but it also demonstrates their commitment to being a sustainable and trusted partner in the digital assets and crypto industry.

“We didn’t just meet the deadline; we are striving to set the standard for others in the industry,” said Michael Johnson, Head of Compliance at Zumo. “Our early compliance showcases not only our technical and ethical rigor, but also emphasizes our dedication to leading the industry in transparency, innovation, and consumer protection.”

Zumo is an enterprise-focused digital asset service platform that offers an API-based infrastructure for fintechs, banks, asset managers, and other entities in the industry.

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